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By Lacey Janette

Not only is Mel one of the most genuine and openly loving from first meeting women I have ever met, but she also has the incredible artistic eye in her photography. Watching her work is unlike any other photographer - the way she manipulated light and sees art in all her surroundings is serious genius. She finds the most unexpected little ways of taking photos that don’t just capture things but...at the risk of sounding SO cliche...somehow capture energy?

As a new mom, anticipating being on the other side of Mel’s lens has been giving me anxiety for a week. But she didn’t just make me feel beautiful - she made me feel like the most strong, feminine, beautiful form of my new self as a mother. The way she captured me made me feel the first huge leap I’ve felt in becoming myself again since the birth of my son. AND, when I burst into tears at the emotional breakthrough, she crawled right over and snuggled me through it.

Truly an incredible pleasure, Mel. Thank you so much.

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Holy crap that was so amazing! Mel you captured so much! We cant thank you enough. Love love love. Tears streaming! -Verlaine + Bryan

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Alison + Brandon

I feel like we hit the jackpot having Melanie as our wedding photographer! She went above and beyond and we feel so incredibly fortunate to have been able to work with her. Right from when we initially met her she was kind, genuine and very passionate about what she does. She always replied to any questions we had and was so helpful with regards to timelines, colour ideas and other wedding planning items. All our family and friends were commenting on how easy going and fun yet professional she was and what a pleasure it was to have her apart of our wedding!
And then the pictures!! We absolutely love the pictures we’ve seen so far. The wedding day can be a bit of a blur, so to be able to get these amazing photos back and relive the memories is very special. There are so many different emotions from people that you don’t always see in the moment and to have those captured is pretty amazing. Melanie had lots of great creative ideas for pictures and was so helpful for those of us who are a bit camera shy! Melanie also offered to take my husband and I to do some couple shots the next day after our wedding. We got to go to some beautiful scenic places and be able to really have some fun taking pictures without the time constraints that one has on a wedding day. This was so kind and we are incredibly grateful for this opportunity and the spectacular pictures that came from this. We have been beyond happy with everything! Melanie is not only incredibly talented, but also such a wonderful person! Highly recommend!

About me… I guess this is the section where I try and eloquently string together some awesome qualities, fun facts and accolades to help you let down your guard and get to know me.

The reality is, a person could write anything they want here, a personal declaration to strangers, proving who they are. I don’t know who you are, yea you, who is reading this. And really what are words worth?

I don’t want to paint an egoic picture, after all, it’s irrelevant. I am just a reflection of you, and you to me.

When I pick up my camera, it’s not about me. It’s about the moment. Getting out of the way to allow life to happen. Being present to the beauty. Unposed, unravelled, real.

The wind catching some stands of hair and arching them across your face. Your slight smile as it tickles your skin. The glimmer in your eye as you turn to feel the wind on your face or the sun on your skin.

Life is incredible. There is so much to be grateful for.

Allow space for these gifts to come through, and be captured.

  • Vancouver, B.C. Canada

  • Over 10 years experience

  • Graduate of the Written Image from The Western Academy of Photography