I have been lucky enough to know Katrinna for over 10 years now, sadly we haven't spent a lot of time together with living in different cities, but holy cow... she is a gem!! Her personality is like honey, she is so sweet and at ease, moving with poise and thoughtfulness. I just want to hug her and tell her I love her cause she is one of those few genuine souls you come across. 

When I heard about her engagement to Corey, I was elated that this kind and gentle soul had found a love of her own. She deserves the world and I am so happy she found her match. They both love cyclocross, a crazy sport that you should totally google if you don't know about, and that alone speaks volumes. They are a fun loving, laughter filled couple and I was in giggles having the privilege of shooting a mini engagement session at The Bimini Public House.

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